Our Vision  

A nation of highly efficient, cost-effective, productive, and successful MSME business owners & employees with enough time to enjoy what they most value in life.

Our Mission  

Provide as many MSMEs as possible with affordable, fully integrated, all-in-one automated business management solutions .

Our Values

Life is short... and as the economic and business landscape shifts and changes one thing is for certain; ...Organisations are made of and run by people with dreams and aspirations; with families and loved ones.

From the business owner or entrepreneur,  to each and every employee/ team contributor, work is but one aspect of their lives. Our goal is to provide tools and technology to help everyone thrive in this ever-changing competitive business landscape allowing them to focus on work that matters...Work that moves the needle. 

So that when it is done, they'll still have the energy and time to spend on what is truly important...

Our Team

Originally founded as BiZ1 in 2011 by a group of seasoned business professionals and management experts to help Filipino business owners automate and integrate their operations, the company was later re-organized and strengthened into Agilis in 2017.

Pursuing the same vision and mission, the management is now in the capable hands of a younger, more dynamic team who is dedicated to making the working lives of all Filipinos; from the business owners & entrepreneurs,  to each and every employee, to its partners, all the way to its customers, easier and much more efficient and productive through cutting-edge tools and technology. 

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How it all started...

The company started in 2011 as an advocacy business to address The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) members' concerns on how to make their businesses more efficient, self-contained, and managed allowing them time for philanthropic pursuits and spreading 'The Good Word' to the wider business community.  

In the same year, encouraged by positive feedback and results from the BCBP Community, the company become a 'for-profit' business and opened its doors to the wider public as BiZ1 Global.

In 2011 Biz1 also became the first OpenERP (Odoo) Silver Partner in the Philippines. The number one Open-source ERP Solutions developer and provider.


In 2017, the company re-organized as AGILIS GROUP as a number of partnerships and collaborations have been formed spearheaded by a younger and dynamic management team.